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Our Story

Our Master, Shyan Tseng, selected and mentored the Environmental Designers Team members in the Traditional Chinese Manner. 

Traditional Feng Shui is an established method proven over the centuries. These techniques have been passed down through generations.

We were coached on all aspects of Traditional Feng Shui.  Also, supervised with strict guidance during our apprenticeship in project work.

The traditional Chinese method of refining our procedural skills through constant repetitive practice. 

This was how consultants were trained in the Qing Dynasty and earlier. They were illiterate, so they had to fine-tune their senses to carry out their craft. 
Team members have worked together for the past 20 years and are members of an International Feng Shui Alliance.

We at Environmental Designers have over 130 years of consulting experience in projects in various parts of the world. 

We respect the confidentiality of our clients. 

The three team members are based in South East Asia. 

We have worked in various parts of the world, as in the List below:

List of Some of the Design Projects



  • City – Karpot

  • Development Sites


  • Factories


  • Factories and Warehouses

  • Housing development, 36 Ha.

  • City and Resort, 1,000 Ha.

  • Island development - Morotai, 768 sq. miles (Island Survey and design City planning)


  • Suwannakhet Business development project along the Mekong River.  


  • Reviving underperforming shopping malls

  • Resorts and Spa


  • Housing and Resort Development


  • Hotels and Resorts, 

  • Condominium complexes,  

  • Shopping Malls, 

  • Property Development sites

  • Residential Development sites

  • Singapore:

  • Education Centres

  • Factories and Warehouses


  • Commercial Offices

  • Restaurants – up to 20,000 sq metres.

Rest of the World

France and Portugal:

  • Remote selection of property (Chateau) for Luxury Spa Resorts and Design.


Saudi Arabia:

  • Palace – Riyadh



  • Urban Development (1000 properties), including the town centre.

  • Luxury Residence Development



  • New Luxury Spas

  • Reviving underperforming Hotels (5-star), Premium Departmental Stores and Luxury Spas.

  • Restaurants

  • TV studios



  • Selection of building plots

  • Commercial Offices


Here is a list of Design Projects in various countries. It does not include a wide variety of properties (residential and commercial) that had an audit or consultation. Otherwise, the list would be endless.


Dr Michael Oon (Malaysia & UK)

Team Member


  • The health of people in Buildings – Sick Building Syndrome.

  • Remote Property searches.

  • Reviving underperforming shopping malls and hotels


Hoo-Yin Ng (Singapore)

Team Member


  • Specialises in Urban Development

  • Expertise in Strategic Date Selection.


Hoo-Yin Ng.jpg
Ponsie Chen.jpg

Ponsie Chen (Thailand)

Team Member


  • International Keynote Speaker

  • New Developmental Projects


Helen Doherty (USA)

Consultant Architect


  • Registered Architect

  • Experienced Master Planner (Architecture)

  • Degrees in Urban Geography and Environmental Design Studies


Helen Doherty.jpg

Group Consultant – Shyan Tseng

Shyan Tseng (lineage name 龍襄禎)  is the 14th generation of the Blue Dragon (蒼龍) lineage. Our Master has designed buildings for many international technology and retail businesses. When in Singapore, she was involved in the design of several National projects.


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