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Environmental Design

The historical wisdom of more than four centuries of accumulated knowledge of the built-environment is the basis of Environmental Design practice.

The foundation of this knowledge is the understanding of “Mother Nature”.

Environmental Design can be divided into three areas.

1.    Energy flows:

This is about the flow of nature’s life force or energy, which moves through the environment. This energy is vital to the growth of the area.



When you go to any area of woodland or within your garden or town, you will find certain areas more productive or vibrant than other parts.


Conversely, you will find “dead” or less responsive parts. Again, this is because of the energy flows in the area.


The productive parts receive more energy than the others. Conversely, the less responsive areas get less or no energy.

Environmental Design:


We can identify productive or suitable areas for your business by analysing energy flows.

We have already referred to Starbucks, the world’s largest chain of coffee shops, which is usually located on street corners.


This is the best location for coffee shops.

2. Evolution:

It has been shown repeatedly that the processes in nature involve evolution.


Nature is the greatest evolutionary test bed as it has been around since the very beginning of time. It has the greatest number of results.



It has been shown repeatedly that in nature, evolution is the method of change.


It is not changing for the sake of change. More importantly, change by evolution has a higher chance of success.


Success builds on success.


Evolution in the marketplace:


In the highly competitive field of washing detergents, you hardly see new brands, but you see new products as brand derivatives.


My favourite example of derivatives is biological, non-biological, colour and classic.

Environmental Design:


These are based on successful designs and are replicated.


This pattern is followed by two of the world’s largest retailers – Costco and Walmart.

Alternatively, in the UK, you have multiple retailers like Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.


Their designs appear to be random or do not follow a particular theme.


They do satisfactorily, but their performance lacks the “punch” of the competitors mentioned above.

3. Sustainability:

Nature does not waste. Whenever there is a decaying material, it will be a cleaning-up process. The waste material would be used by another “group” of living species, such as plants or animals.

In addition to the knowledge of sustainability and the use of environmental designs, the client can select a new appropriate location for the business or create a new building that will achieve the level of business as expected. It is about getting it right the first time.


This reduces waste – time, effort, money and other resources. 

How can Environmental Design solve the problems in your business?

The performance of your business can be improved. You have tried all you can but are still looking for more ways to improve. Have you considered that some changes can be made to your business's real estate? Many of my clients have. They have seen impressive improvements.

Interiors: The methods of Environmental Design can provide a new look to the interiors and improve the performance of the business.

New Location: Looking for a new location for your business? Using Environmental Design, we can identify the most appropriate site for your business needs.

New Build or Refurbishment: The project involves a new build or renovation of an existing building. Environmental design helps you minimise risk with the new project, making it work the first time.

Who has used Environmental Design?

Corporates: Some of the largest retailers have used Environmental Design in their real estate. These include Costco, Walmart, and Tesco, amongst others.

Developers: This includes developments like Canary Wharf in London. Canary Wharf is London’s second financial centre.

Businesses: There are numerous businesses, multiple retailers and corporates that have used environmental design. I have not listed these, as the names of our clients are confidential.

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