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Our Services

1. General Consultation (Interiors and exteriors)

To align the property using the methods of environmental design, the property can be on the street or inside a shopping centre.

It can be in the form of offices, retail premises, coffee shops/restaurants, warehouses, farms, and shopping centres. Literally any type of property.

Michael Oon Consulting - General Consultation
Michael Oon Consulting - 2._Property Search

2. Property Search

This is my speciality.


The initial search is based on the client sending me details from property agents. This is checked online to verify whether it is worth shortlisting for further inspection.

Physical visits to the properties are made from the shortlist.

I can then provide an opinion on a specific property.

The properties may be retail outlets (on the street or within a shopping mall), hotels/spas, offices etc.

I have obtained many satisfied clients using this methodology.


It has saved them time, money and effort. The results have been even more impressive.

3. New Build (Renovations, Extensions, New Builds)

These can vary from a simple extension or renovation to a shopping complex.


Anything is possible.

Michael Oon Consulting - 2._Property Search

Client Confidentiality

We respect the privacy of clients at all times.

A number of clients have insisted, as an added layer of security, that I sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to prevent their competitors from knowing the secret behind their company’s extraordinary success.


This is never a problem, and we are happy to work with a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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