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Environmental Design

Creating Your Advantage

What is Environmental Design?

Environmental Design is about getting the most suitable environment for the business to thrive.

Environmental Design provides the template for the appropriate environmental factors for businesses to use their premises for success.

The principles of Environmental Design are derived from Nature – Energy, Evolution and Sustainability.

Some Reactions from Clients:

“I can now set my own prices (way above my competitors). The clients are willing to pay these new (increased) prices.”


“My anxiety has gone. I am gaining confidence. The business is growing at last.”

“You have helped me overcome this huge obstacle. The solutions are so easy to implement.”

We provide three different types of services in environmental design:

1. Developmental Projects  

These range from a simple extension or remodelling to a shopping complex or urban development design.


  • Office and Building Complex. 

  • Hotels, Resorts and Spas

  • Shopping Centres, 

  • Island Resorts, 

  • Urban Developments

  • Residential Housing

City Scape
Shopping Mall

2. General Consultation (Interiors and Exteriors)

To maximise the potential of the property using Traditional Feng Shui methods.

These include:​

  • Offices, 

  • retail premises, 

  • coffee shops/restaurants, 

  • warehouses,

  • farms, 

  • shopping malls (reviving of underperforming shopping malls.)

  • Any type of property.

3. Our Focus on the Client

To maximise the potential of the property using Traditional Feng Shui methods.

  • Enhanced Property Search – We save you time and expense. The shortlisted properties are then further examined, and a physical visit is performed. We screen online prospective properties and give an opinion based on their addresses. 

  • Sick Building Syndrome – care for the health of the people occupying the building

  • Preparing for the future – Sustainability. Dr Michael Oon is Certified as Carbon Literate by the Carbon Trust. 

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