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Environmental Design

Acquire A Competitive Advantage

What is Environmental Design?

Environmental Design is about getting the most suitable environment for the business to thrive.

Environmental Design provides the template for the appropriate environmental factors for businesses to use their premises for success.

The principles of Environmental Design are derived from Nature – Energy, Evolution and Sustainability.

Some Reactions from Clients:

“I can now set my own prices (way above my competitors). The clients are willing to pay these new (increased) prices.”


“My anxiety has gone. I am gaining confidence. The business is growing at last.”

“You have helped me overcome this huge obstacle. The solutions are so easy to implement.”

Michael Oon Consulting provides three different types of services in environmental design:

1. General Consultation (Interiors and Exteriors)

Every business property has a significant potential to improve its business performance.



An office-based business had just moved into a new property.


The directors felt that in the new premises, the business performance was not as good as in the previous location. So they called me in to have a look.  

I made a few alterations. Within three months, the business improved significantly.


As a result of this, they made plans to open a subsidiary office.


The prices that the sales director was selling were more than five times his competitors. His customers (corporates) were more than willing to pay and asked for more.


He could name his price.

This business acquired a Competitive Advantage.

Our Offer:

To align the business layout using Environmental Design methods. This method can involve both the interiors and exteriors.

This procedure can be applied to offices, retail premises, coffee shops/restaurants, warehouses, farms, hotels, and shopping centres. Virtually any property can be improved.

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2. Property Search

Every business has its own “Location Sweet Spot.”


For example: restaurants.

What have these restaurants have in common?

Four Seasons Chinese restaurant and Halepi Greek Restaurant in Queensway, London, UK; Core by Clare Symth (previously Prue Leith’s - Leith’s in Notting Hill?

These restaurants serve good food consistently and are always full. So are many other restaurants.

These restaurants have received acknowledgements from the media and the general public for their achievements, which other restaurant owners crave.


As a result, they have not only a queue to enter but also a good reputation.

These restaurants are located in the "Sweet Spot for Restaurants".

There are other Sweet Spots for different types of businesses.


Starbucks: When Starbucks started as a chain of coffee shops, they did not want to take any chances as their coffee drinks were far more expensive than the current market.


The owners decided to locate their retail outlets on street corners.


It is common in Asia to find coffee shops on street corners as they do better business than their competitors set out along the street.

Starbucks gained a competitive advantage over its rivals and has become the World’s largest chain of coffee shops.


It started from humble beginnings in Seattle, USA.

Our Offer:

This is my speciality.


The initial search is based on the client sending me details from property agents.


This is checked online to verify whether it is worth shortlisting for further inspection.

Physical visits to the properties are made from the shortlist.

I can then provide an opinion on a specific property.

The properties may be retail outlets (on the street or within a shopping mall), hotels/spas, offices etc.

I have obtained many satisfied clients using this methodology.


Clients have gained a Competitive Advantage by using this procedure. This has saved them time, money and effort. Their results have been even more impressive.

3. New Build (Renovations, Extensions, New Builds)

Many buildings in various parts of the world have used this methodology.


These include Canary Wharf – London’s second financial centre. More than a quarter of a million people work here.


There are also numerous buildings with successful businesses worldwide that have used the methods of Environmental Design.

Major multiple retailers have used this methodology for their buildings. These include Walmart, Costco and Tesco (in the late 20th Century). These three retailers are in the top ten largest grocers in the world.


Costco: This American corporate uses the same design for all their 850 stores throughout the world.

Costco uses the corner of the building for the entrance and exit. Therefore, they benefit from this corner positioning. 

The interiors are designed around a third aisle.


Customers follow a fixed route deep into the back of the store around the third aisle.

Costco is the 5th largest retailer in the world.


Our Offer:

We can help in the design of these projects. These can vary from a simple extension or renovation or a new build or assist in the design of a city.


Anything is possible. Do contact us.

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